During the pandemic our usual Chemotherapy services were temporarily moved to our other site of Queen Mary's at Sidcup whilst the location of Pine at Darent Valley Hospital was converted into Pine Medical Ward. Pine Medical Ward was overseen by Laura Wickes, Project Manager for End of Life Care Services and provided a suitable calm and comfortable atmosphere to give good quality end of life care 

We are really pleased that Pine Therapy Chemotherapy has returned to Pine at Darent Valley Hospital but the end of life service is still required across the Trust. We would like to take the positive feedback we received from Pine Medical Ward and recreate that on all the wards, being able to transform environments for palliative care patients and help bring comfort to their families with potable End of Life Sensory Boxes. As well as lovingly hand-knitted blankets we are looking to purchase items which can be found on our Amazon Wishlist

Purchase End of Life Sensory Box items from Amazon Wishlist 

We also wish to pay attention to creating a comfortable setting in the Emergency Department for end of life patients and their families. The environment currently looks like this: 

From assessing the room it will need:

  • A repaint in a calm colour
  • A small sofa for the relatives room
  • Some landscape pictures 
  • Projector lamps 

We are extremely grateful for any support you can provide so that we can make our end of life patients and their loved ones as comfortable as possible at such a difficult time.