Virtual Charity Challenge - The Virtual Marathon Series presents the Virtual Charity Challenge. The idea is for you to come up with your own virtual charity challenge and then complete it. By doing so we will send you one of our special Virtual Charity Challenge medals. Please contact us for inspiration if you need it by registering below. We will be in touch to discuss your challenge and get you going. Your challenge could be done alone, as a pair or in a large team. 

Examples of previous challenges have been climbing the height of Everest at home, the pressup challenge, (100 press ups a day for a month) going sober for a month, running a 5K backwards, the crazier the better. 

The Virtual Marathon Series is offering a couple of prizes.

1.    The first one is for the most outrageous virtual charity challenge idea and completion of the created challenge

2.    Secondly, to the person who raises the most money for our charity in the next 12 months from their charity challenge

The Virtual Marathon Series will donate £250 to our charity if you win and you will receive a running pack from RunThrough.

To apply for the best charity challenge and most money fundraised you will need to send your idea and fundraising link by email to [email protected] by the 01st of September 2021 

You can set up a Fundraising page to raise sponsorship on our website or on Justgiving.