Its every parents worse nightmare for your child to be sick. We was those parents who always thought “it’ll never happen to us”, like every other parent.
Archie was born and we was none the wiser how poorly he was until 3 hours later when he was struggling to breathe. Thanks to the swift action of the doctors and nursing staff, it was realised he had a severe lung infection.
Seeing your newborn son in an incubator, wired up to machines and him struggling to breath is one of the hardest things to see.
Not only did the staff care for Archie but they cared for us and his brothers. Making sure we understood everything going on and answering questions over and over again. They treat every baby like they are family and genuinely care.
Thank you doesn’t seem enough so I’d like to raise some money to make their workday just a little easier. It will go towards equipment and small things they need which make all the difference. Any little helps!

Kelly Maycock