We have been asked by Valley Hospital Charity, via EDC Chair Simon Dudley, if the EDC would like to join the nation’s biggest tea break, show support for those who have helped us through the COVID-19 pandemic and help raise some much needed funds

From stays in hospital to blood donation, an NHS cup of tea is always the ‘go to’ drink and we thought a virtual afternoon tea would be a wonderful opportunity for an EDC get-together, something much missed by staff.

To make it a more social occasion, we will create virtual tea rooms so that everyone can move around and catch up with EDC friends they haven’t spoken to in a while and to help you to prepare your afternoon tea, Inger has kindly drawn up a suggested menu – which was circulated with the MS Teams invitation. Obviously your tea to make as you wish!

The suggestion donation is £5 per person but please feel free to give what you would like. Many thanks!
Mary Rouse