Pine Therapy Unit at DVH is where Richard has most of his Cancer treatment. I always promised myself that I would thank them for trying so hard for him and being so kind to both of us. Earlier in 2020 I dontated £150 to them. I then got a letter saying that it had been placed in a Tribute Fund in Richards name for Pine to use and suggested I set up this page so it would make it easier for me, or anyone else to contribute in future.

Pine Therapy Unit is amazing, the staff are incredible and they always went above and beyond. We both always said that they were a 'different breed of Nurse' ! Incredible people.
Money raised here will go directly to the Unit. Funds are used to help patients. They loan out wheelchairs to people who need them as their treatment has made them too weak to walk, ipads so people can contact their loved ones or just stave of the boredom of a 12 hours treatment, heat pads are always needed, never underestimate the power of a heat pad when it comes to helping a canula find a vein! And there's also the never ending supplier of tea and coffee for the patients and visitors to keep us all going. These are just examples of how they do much more that just administer treatment. Every penny will go toward helping Pine make someone's cancer journey a little easier and all in Richards name. Thank you so much for donating, I'm very grateful and I know Richard would be too.

Liz Hiscutt