Darent Valley Hospital has 478 hospital beds with a population in Dartford of over 105,000 people. With the strain on the NHS at present due to the Covid 19 virus, it would be great for the local residents to show their appreciation of the staff working around the clock, risking their lives to save and care for others. We have all used the service over the past years, albeit visiting a sick friend or relative, being tested, treated ourselves or giving birth. 

Whilst NHS funds ensure that Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust provides healthcare, without additional income raised through charitable funds they would be unable to keep up with new research and advances in technology. Charitable donations have helped purchase new ground-breaking medical equipment and updated facilities for the benefit of patients and their families.

Thank you for helping me to raise funds for Valley Hospital Charity (reg no.1050861) so they can respond to the needs of Doctors and Nurses. Whether buying state of the art equipment to deliver new or improved procedures, funding research and teaching, or supplying items that impact on quality of care and patient experience, together our support means they can respond where the need is greatest.

Marie Johnson