This scanner, a miniature version of the MRI machine, aims to make scans less scary for children. Made by Phillips, it introduces a playful twist to MRI and CT procedures, reducing anxiety and eliminating the need for sedation.

Children can pop their favourite toy buddy into the scanner, which kicks off a fun and educational video. Different characters like Ollie the elephant, Chris the crocodile, and Doris the chicken guide the little patients through the process, helping them understand the strange sounds of an MRI and offering tips on staying still during the scan.

The Kitten Scanner, in conjunction with play therapy, has clinically proven to significantly reduce the need for sedation and general anaesthetic in claustrophobic young patients. The donation means that the Darent Valley Hospital Kitten Scanner is one of the only scanners in the south east and the only one in Kent and Medway.

Dartford Lions Club President Avtar Sandhu and his fellow Lions paid a visit to the hospital to see first-hand the impact of their generosity.

Professor Sriprasad, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, expresses his gratitude, stating, "Young children are apprehensive in getting a scan done. The Kitten Scanner goes a long way in allaying their fears and is a welcome development. We are thankful to the Dartford Lions Club for making this happen.” 😁🙏

Avtar Sandhu said: “This is one of the largest donations our club has ever made to any one single project. The Kitten Scanner will affect the lives of so many members of our community and this is only possible because of the continued support being offered to us by the local community of Dartford and surrounding areas. It's the support of our residents that makes projects like this one possible.”