Photo by photographer John Nyberg

Donations in memory of a loved one

We are very grateful when families remember the hospital that cared for their loved one. If families wish to say thank you by requesting donations for Valley Hospital Charity in lieu of flowers at their loved ones funeral, we can provide donation envelopes, or the facility to set up a personalised online fundraising page.

Tribute Funds in memory

A Tribute Fund will automatically be set up when donations are received in memory of a loved one. They can benefit a chosen ward or department through our appeals, or go to Valley Hospital Charity to allocate where the need is greatest. 

Sometimes friends and family like to keep a Fund going in their memory of their loved on by donating on special anniversaries such as birthday and wedding anniversaries. Some like to enter events and raise sponsorship in memory of a dear friend or relative.

The Tribute Fund can then grow and continue to support the chosen area in the Hospital. Each time the Tribute Fund receives a donation the nearest and dearest are informed.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further 01322 428256.