Charitable Funds have been used to purchase the little things that can mean so much to a patients visit or stay in Hospital.

Twiddle muffs - For patients with delirium, these hand knitted creations help distract hands from pulling at drips and dressings. Find out more by visiting our Silver Birch Fund

Toiletries - When patients arrive on their own, or without any friends or family to visit them and bring in their own belongings, we are able to provide them with some basic toiletries for them to clean and wash themselves.

Slippers and Pyjamas - Some of our patients arrived ill prepared for a stay in hospital, either because it was an emergency admission, or because they are reliant on others to care for them. 

Stickers - Brave boy and girl stickers are given to our young patients who see the nurses and doctors, and undergo test and procedures. 

BOB Box - These boxes contains a variety of materials for patients with learning disabilities and helps to provide a distraction from their hospital visit which can be a scary experience.

You can help us raise funds to provide the little things that can mean so much to a patients stay in Hospital by:

We are grateful for any contribution - big or small. Thank you.