There are a number of tried and tested ways to raise money, but the most important rule is to make it fun!

Whether you are looking to take part in an established event, or looking to create your own fundraising event, the more you enjoy it, the more people will be inspired by your journey. Share your story on why you are passionate in supporting the Hospital, and then let people know what you are up to and how they can support you by creating a fundraising page and sharing it through your social media channels. 

Fundraising Quick Wins

Cake Sale – Ask your colleagues to support you by baking cakes, cookies etc. and organise a Cake Sale. Publicise it the day before and take photos of the cakes on the morning and circulate it on email with prices. Reminders at elevenses and 3pm sugar dip also go down well. Display them on a trolley so you can move round the office/floors.

Bootfair - List and sell your unwanted items online or clear your clutter and raise money through a bootfair.

Sweets in a jar – Using a large empty jar, spend a few £ filling it with loose sweets right to the top (remembering to count them!). Ask people to pay £1 to guess how many sweets are in the jar. When you’ve had enough guesses, the winner is the person who got closest to the correct number, and they win the jar of sweets.

Quiz Night - Speak to your local pub, or see if you can hire your village hall or a local venue to hold a Quiz Night. If at a hall supply your own drinks and nibbles, or perhaps provide everyone with Fish and Chips and add that to the price of their ticket. Hold a raffle during a break to raise even more.

Guess the Teddy Name – Buy a Teddy or if you can get one donated even better! (Don’t spend a fortune) Think of a name for the Teddy and write out a sheet of 50 – 100 names(based on how many people you know or are in your office), including the one you chose, leaving room for people to write their names next to each selection. Charge people £1 to guess the Teddy’s name. When all the names have been picked, the winner who picked the correct name wins the Teddy. 

Matched giving - Ask your employer if they offer matched giving. Lots of employers encourage charitable giving, and will be willing to match whatever you raise for a cause, or will match up to a certain amount.  

Make Tea & Coffee – Offer to make your team, or your family and friend tea and coffee all day, or maybe all week! Get them to make a donation for your efforts.

Non-School Uniform Day - Ask your child's school to hold a non-school uniform day. Each child pays £1.

Finish Time Sweepstake – Taking part in a running or cycling event? Draw up a spreadsheet of finish times and get people to pay £1 to guess what time they think you will finish your event in.  People will become very interested in how your training is going!  The winner is the person who guesses closest to your finish time.  Present them with a box of chocs or wine, whatever you think appropriate.

Give up something - Get sponsored to give up something. If it is caffeine, and you are partial to a morning Latte, then put the money you save towards your fundraising.

If you would like any fundraising materials then please complete our Fundraising Materials Order Form.