On VE Day 8 May 2020 Lawrence Blake, encouraged by his wife, decided that despite all village celebrations being cancelled due to lockdown, that he would take his piano out onto the pavement and start playing to mark the occasion.

Thinking he might just play a few songs for half an hour, his neighbours in Woodland Avenue in Hartley brought out their tables and chairs, drinks and snacks to their front gardens, and Lawrence ended up playing for around 2 and half hours and a good time was had by all. Lawrence raised a collection of £215 from his grateful neighbours which he has kindly donated to the Hospital.   

Prior to lockdown Lawrence used to play for Age Concern and Alzheimer groups. He has played 'by ear' since the age of 5 and the first piece of music at that age to a piano teacher was 'In the Mood' by Glen Miller. After listening to this the teacher showed 5 year old Lawrence a few chords and said if he practiced these then he would be able to play most songs - which he can. Lawrence openly admits that he still can't read a word of music. 

A huge that you to Lawrence and his neighbours in Hartley for their kind donation. It sounds like a very enjoyable occasion!