Jacob’s Nanny, who works for NatWest, organised a collection to be made in honour of our Darent Valley Hospital: Little Buds Fund & after raising over £200, they presented the staff with not only a selection of items from the ward Amazon WishList but also an incredibly large donation of knitted items!

Over 170 hats
12 blankets
12 knitted toys
22 love squares
46 cardigans
28 sets (mittens, socks, cardigan and hat)
19 sets of hats and mittens
16 sets of mittens by themselves
4 towels
1 steriliser
14 canular knitted tube covers
5 pairs of socks

Senior Sister Claire said how grateful the staff were for both the knitted items & the items from the wish list, all of which are very much in demand on the unit.

We always enjoy seeing our graduates & their families as they continue to thrive at home & we are always thankful for the all the hard work & effort which goes into organising any collection or donations.

A very big thank you to Jacob’s Nanny for arranging this 😄