On Monday 26th November, two toy Tesla replica cars were delivered by Luke Jones, Barrister and founder of Royal Tutors, on behalf of Tesla Owner’s Group UK to Darent Valley Hospital’s Children’s Ward and Outpatients. 

The toy replica cars were donated by Luke as part of an initiative started by Tesla Owner’s Group UK President Will Fealey, to gift hospitals and hospices with the cars to bring a smile to poorly children’s faces.

Photograph: Luke Jones with his life-size Tesla, and the two toy replica cars with a few willing young drivers!

Luke Jones approached the Hospital back in July to see if staff could see the benefit for their patients and would be interested in receiving a car. Willow Ward Play Specialists, Sharon Samuels and Donna Day, were delighted at the prospect;

"We would like to use it as a way of taking the children to theatre and x-ray.”

Thanks to Luke we were overwhelmed to find out that we were being gifted two of the cars so even more children can benefit from them.

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to donate these to my local hospital - I hope these cars can make the journey to theatre less traumatic for all those involved.” Luke Jones. 

Thank you to Tesla Owner’s Group UK for such a fantastic initiative, and our huge gratitude to Luke for his generosity, and for thinking of benefiting our young patients at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust.

Find out more about our Lollipop Fund and how you can help sick children from babies to teens at Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust.