Sally George, Head of Fundraising and Voluntary Services, visited Keyes Lodge in Dartford to meet the talented Knit Natter group and collected 16 gorgeous blankets and a number of twiddle muffs created by the Group for our patients with Dementia.

The blanket appeal began following success at other local NHS Trusts who found that by having brightly coloured blankets at the ends of a patients bed, it gave patients with cognitive impairment something to focus on and were less likely to wander, it gave them a way to recognise their own bed and find their way back to it, and it clearly defined the edges of the bed, helping to reduce falls. 

The blankets have also brightened up the wards making it look more homely. The nursing staff have commented on how lovely it is to present a patient with a blanket for them to keep, as due to infection control they cannot be reused.

A special thanks to Diana Bradbrook for giving us the opportunity to meet the thoughtful individuals who spent hours creating these wonderful donations. 

Photographed: Knit Knatter group at Keyes Lodge Dartford. Diana Bradbrook 2nd from right.