Thanks to your support the charity has been able to fund many innovative and groundbreaking projects.  In the last 12 months alone, we have helped fund the purchase of :

Exercise equipment for haematology in-patients 

Our patients often spend prolonged periods of time in hospital an access to exercise equipment will be of huge benefit to them, helping them to maintain strength whilst they are in hospital

Diathermy Machine

For use in surgical procedures within the Heart Centre Cath Lab, this is used for patients who are having pacemaker and defibrillator implant procedure. This helps to prevent bleeding within the surgical wound, especially for those patients on blood-thinning medication.

Sensory Voyager Hurricane

This is a Portable Sensory Projector to aid in this distraction of patients whilst having procedures in clinics.  This will benefit all of our paediatric areas.

Smartphone for 8 year old child with Type 1 Diabetes 

Enabling them to access software to monitor blood sugar levels, they require an insulin pump with a continuous glucose monitor.  This requires a mobile phone for these to connect and deliver insulin

Refurbishment of waiting areas and chemotherapy treatment bays 

The project is to enhance and improve the areas for patients receiving chemotherapy and immunotherapy. we want to provide a relaxing and engaging environment and redecorate a quiet room.

MRI Kitten Scanner

We are very excited to have agree to the funding of an MRI Kitten Scanner, The Kitten Scanner is a miniature scanner used in a hospital waiting room to prepare children for an upcoming MRI procedure, in a playful way, thereby helping to reduce anxiety in the child.  Letting kids play with a miniature scanner allows them to discover how a scanner works.  This positively distracts them from potential fears and helps them feel more in control of the situation.  Children who feel more confident and in control are more at ease, which improves the chance of a successful procedure and may reduce the need for sedation.

Valley Hospital Charity really do appreciate your support, and we thank you once again for making these projects possible through your generous donations.