Massive thanks go to each and every one of you who donated items to be included in the Boxes of Bites, affectionately known as BOB Boxes for our patients with learning disabilities or Dementia.

The items ranged from sensory toys to word searches and video players. These have provided stimulating activities for the patients to ease the stress often experienced during hospital visits. 

The fantastic idea originally stemmed from Nkias members who approached our charity, Valley Hospital Charity. We raised an appeal for public donations and agreed to fund 10 'BOBs' filled with sensory items that will help to provide a welcome distraction for the patients.

Helen Filmer, LD Liaison Nurse, said:

"We have been overwhelmed with the support and we appreciate your donations immensely! With your help, we now hope to create an entertaining diversion for patients who feel that being at a hospital could be a bit unsettling."

Now we can give our patients something to look forward to, rather than feel anxiety about. 

Photographed: Members of the Nkias Group helped pack the boxes and deliver them to A&E, Outpatients and other wards in the Hospital.